The Underdark

Act 1 part 3

The Adventurers now exit the camp hoping for a better life in the Underdark. Carth seeks freedom on the surface world while the gnomes just want to go back to there home city. Charm is just seeking the gold and gems to make her rich. What they don’t know is that their father is going to hunt them down till he dies or they are slain.


“Hey what are you doing dark elf?” Hermog interrogated.
“Ah so he does speak drow!” Carth Said surprised.
“Well yes, of coarse I do, now what are you doing?” Hermog replied.
“I’m trying to pick up a rothe trail so we can eat, why?” was the answer that Carth gave

Act 1 part 3

“Charm can you help me?” Carth asked his sister

Act 1 part 3

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